5 secrets of Bonny Lang to make 50,000$ per Month

This article is for all model that want to monetize their beauty. There are few ways to make quick money and still have a decent life for any beautiful asian girls.

One exception is the creation of Entertaining content on platforms such as OnlyFans. This solution works for Bonny lang, a 26-year-old model (aka Bonny Tagesbrief), who earns EUR50,000 to EUR70,000 per month for four to eight hours of work each day.

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Secret 1 Onlyfans

Open and manage onlyfans account. Entertain your fans.

Secret 2 Her dirty talk

All her recordings, erotic videos and photos cost her customers, mostly men, a lot.

About 10% of my customers don’t want photos of me, but they want me to rate their dick. In exchange for a tip, they send me photos of their dick and ask me to evaluate their penis. I give them instructions on how to jerk off after the sexting ends.

Secret 3 : expensive exclusive content

From EUR2,500 to EUR3,000 per exclusive video. Every day, I send a message out to all my clients. They have the same price and the same content. Customers who want something exclusive will pay more.

Secret 4 optimize your time

I have an internal protection system. You cannot just say, “I want your hottest content right away,” you must first build a relationship with me. I could be resold if I sent the most explicit content to customers right away. My content is deleted from all other websites by the company I work for.

Secret 5 Video

All requests are the most expensive, and better hot content. They can last between two and five minutes and are all highly personalised. Some want me to be stripped, while others want me playing with toys or ice cubes. There are also videos in which I massage my body with oil. These are in the three-digit range. There are videos in the four-digit category, but I won’t tell you what I do there.

source Vice

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