How this curvy Model become an OF cosplay star

Today I am goint to tell you the Amazing story of Sofia, a curvy cosplay model that become Rich and successful online.

Her punchline. your hentai fantasy brought to life

On her onlyfans he will shares lewds, nudes, cosplay, roleplay, kinks, fetishes, and lots of ass worship content.

Sofia Sivan is crazy, and making crazy money.

Her monthly income is 17.9k$ per month.

Story of this Cosplay model

She started with Facebook , long time ago and discover the virality of her picture with cosplay, costume.

She is a passioante of cosplay you can easily guess.

She develop later instragram and get in touch with all Men that LOVE cosplay, sexy cosplay specially during 2016-2018.

She decide to open onlyfans and BOOM, she starts to make a lot of money, and can buy more costume, strtucture a team for

1. Design,

2. Photos,

3. Account management.

Her pictures are Viral and get attention of cosplay fiendly media like Online Blog, online gamer magazine and of course mange/hentai lover.

It s a big market. All these men love to see this thick sexy model to show this picture and they will pay a lot to see more and to send her private messages.

The magic power of surgery gives her this bimbo perfet bodyshape.

Cosplay + Perfect bimbo body = Popularity.

All her account, Facebook, instagram, twitter, tiktok are getting so popular

She can monetize her audience via Onlyfans.

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