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YouTube was a key tool for many beauty enthusiasts. YouTube taught beginners everything from how to master a cat-eye and how to blend foundation flawlessly. It’s easy to find someone who has a similar style to you, and even more beauty bloggers. We’re highlighting five of our favourite eye makeup tutorials by Asian content creators. Continue reading to find out how to make a puppy eyeliner with monolids and trendy liner, as well as other tips.

Floating Eyeliner
This video explains. Sandy Lin We are introduced to floating liner, one of the most popular eyeliner trends. She talks about how makeup styles should be matched to her eyes, and not fake a crease.
Think Ombre

Consider everything you have ever learned about creating a flawless smoky look. Did you get it? You can now forget about it. “Eyeshadows for Asian eyes are less about adding dimension (since there isn’t), but more about creating an even, ombre effect starting at your lash line and ending at your brow.

The winged liner trend, which we all know is not going away anytime soon, can be very useful for anyone who wears monolids.

Did you know that Asia hosts 60% of the world’s population. Yup, it’s true. This means that there are many Asian women around the world. They come from many different countries and, just like all women, no two Asian women are the same. Skin tone, skin color, bone structure, and eye color all affect the face. All of these factors depend on each individual. What is the one thing that all Asian women have in common? It’s the ability to look stunning. There are some similarities between them, which can all be enhanced to stunning perfection.

Beautiful celebrities such as Sandra Oh, Margaret Cho and Lucy Liu wore the most beautiful makeup looks for Asian women. The stars are radiant with their glowing skin, smoldering eyes and flirty lashes. Here’s the scoop: With the help of an expert, we’ll tell you how to achieve them.

We met with a majorwig on Asian makeup, a celebrity makeup artist and author “Asian Faces” Taylor Chang Babaian. We were given her expert advice on how to create these fun and flawless celebrity makeup looks. These tips will make you a makeup expert, regardless of your ethnicity. This is fantastic because, unlike A-list celebrities, we don’t have the money to hire artists.

This Eye Makeup Tutorial Should Be Try by Every Asian Girl

Unfortunately, eye makeup tutorials don’t fit all. We’ve already discussed how to apply eyeshadow and liner depends on your eyes. If you have Asian eyes, it’s possible to feel frustrated if you try to follow a tutorial without considering your eye shape. Don’t lose heart, find eye makeup that is specifically designed for Asian eyes. You can also read the following tutorial for easy eye makeup that every Asian girl should attempt.

What is the first step to a good eye makeup look? You will need makeup primer. A primer for the eyes will keep your look in place all day, as you don’t want to have to do any touch-ups during the day. Are you lacking an eye primer? No worries! Apply a little foundation to each lid.

Asian eyes have very short, straight lashes so a good mascara must be used. To curl your lashes, first use an eyelash curler. Apply a few coats L’Oreal Paris Unlimited Lash Lifting & Lengthening Mascara to your lashes for an instant lift.

Editor’s Note: Want a dramatic look for your eyes? If you have a short fringe, it may be a good idea to try false eyelashes. This can help to open your eyes. A few individual lashes can make a big difference in the corner.

Warm Smokey Eyes
Need some outfit inspo alongside your eye makeup tutorial? This video is called “Get Ready With Me”. Jessica Wu . The unique twist to her brown, smoky eyes is given by a pop of red at the lower lashline.

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